Some are great at research

A great researcher starts to uncover a plethora of data. Pastor Chuck and i reached a point where my next move is limited to research. Research will provide a new next move, but that won’t be discovered without deep and broad research.


Great leadership is clear about values, goals, expectations.

Great leaders develop their people by holding them accountable. The same way a parent does for a child.

It’s a common sense insight that often gets lost in a busy world. The world is always a busy place. Take a look at your calendar.

Looking at #3 in the photo above and knowing Orange County has a 60dB tolerance, we move to permits and zoning.

And we are ever mindful acceptable standards for Churches in the past will receive new scrutiny in a Covid-enlightened world.

No single business (classifying Churches as non-profit businesses here for the sake of discussion) has a mission that trumps someone else’s rights. Not in America. Not in residential America. Not in my opinion.

No one is above the law.

As a Christian, it concerns me that Christian leadership believes they have a special privilege that repeatedly exempts them from what would be a blatant code violation for any one of my neighbors, including me.

Does a residential neighborhood forfeit their right to peace and quiet when a Church moves in on the other side of the chain link fence?

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