Disney Institute Creativity and Innovation Keynote Speakers

Disney Innovation Keynote Speakers
Getting ready to tell a story with an old, wornout prop.
Disney Innovation Keynote Speakers
The story begins with a serious set of circumstances.
Disney Innovation Keynote Speakers
A first-row audience member lent me their chair so i could reenact the customer interaction.
Disney Innovation Keynote Speakers
This is 3/4 of the audience, the other 1/4 is out of sight to the right.

There are four world-class basics that make up the Disney Creativity and Innovation architecture.

i have been teaching our Son (now 18) these Disney blueprints for 12 years.

We are both more creative and adventurous human beings because of this student-teacher-student relationship.

Everything i learned, did, and taught from 32 years as an insider and two-time Walt Disney Lifetime Achievement recipient has been synthesized into brilliantly simplistic DNA.

No one i know has deconstructed Disney’s operational DNA and reconstructed it in such a useful way.

It brings out the excited child in me to offer such a unique professional development opportunity to the world.

Disney Institute Brand Loyalty Keynote Speakers are rare.


Because The Disney Approach to Managing Creativity and Innovation (DAMCI) was the second to the least requested Disney Institute (DI) Keynote Speech. DAMCI was also the second to the least offered Open Enrollment program.

It was more effective and efficient to have a few people well-versed in the subject matter and logistics to represent DI. i am one of those lucky people.

Note: The Disney Approach to Managing Creativity and Innovation has been discontinued as a product since just before i retired from Disney in 2014.

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