What’s your rainy day backup plan?

First day of school photo
Ironic that this was captured in this way yesterday.


What’s your rainy day backup plan?

Being organized, why wouldn’t we plan our funeral in advance?


  • We don’t want to think about death
  • We don’t have time to look that far into the future
  • Plus, it’s a long way off

Is it a long way off?

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We get to decide what is art, so decide

Balloons and Disney's UP movie poster
One of the best Disney/Pixar movies


Today’s photo’s were taken mid-February 2013. Today is July 13, 2014. This will post live October 21.


Most likely.

So why write it this way?

Not sure.

Something about being an artist.

And letting the (any) audience decide how to interpret it.

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