Forgetting is not a valid reason

Rather than ignore this wisp, i spent a little time with it and got lost in some pleasant memories and current hopes.

Forgetting is not a valid reason.

Forgetting means we are disorganized.

Simplicity facilitates organization.

Clarity, margin, and focus are required to thrive.

Margin means we have unscheduled time everyday to allow for unexpected opportunities and unexpected challenges.

Unexpected opportunities can include watching the sun rise, calling a friend, helping a stranger, day dreaming, or discovering a cool way to log reminders so you do the important things in your life – as simple as asking someone an important follow up question or sending a thank you note.

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Well, it looks like luck, yet it is anything but

Dellar's Air Conditioning service
A highly trusted HVAC service provider is a true blessing


The harder we work to build effective and efficient systems and processes to run our personal HQ (our dwelling place), the luckier we get. Well, it looks like luck, yet it is anything but.

So glad odds fell in my favor and Bill Dellar could replace our 22-year old upstairs AC unit yesterday rather than today. Leaving for Palm Beach after 4pm on a Friday would have complicated things.

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Never get bored with the basics. Ever

organizing stuff
there's no one right way to organize stuff...find your own way through experimentation

What we are good at becomes so second nature to us that we no longer comprehend it as a talent. A friend recently asked me to think about a person who’s lost their glasses – after a week, they forget how clear the world looks.

One of the most basic things we can do is bust our butts to find a system that is decently effective at handling the paperwork of life. Never get bored with this. Ever.

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