Being decently organized is a full-time job

High School Senior trip
Up high.


High School Senior trip
Down low.


Virgin non-stop Orlando to London.


HS senior trip
HS senior trip…last night at 6:00pm.


Disney Speaker jeff
Last night at 6:50pm.


Peter Pan quote
Peter Pan quote at High School Theater wall.


HS theater
Last night, 7:00pm.


Peter Pan play
Last night, 7:05pm.


Took a Lyft home at intermission (8:30pm)…too many things to do before bedtime. Cheryl stayed.


Being decently organized is a full-time job.

And creative.

And fun.


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Brand New Old Man

Is 50 old?  I think not.  Not to my In-Laws (83 & 86).  Maybe to our son (9), or one of my colleagues (28). But not me.  No sir-yee.

Old?  What does that mean, old?

And what does it mean to be brand new?    Can something “old” become brand new?

I think so.  I know so.

The question now, is, “Do you think so?”