One-page Will

Black-eyed Susans
Back yard black-eyed susans. i have this area marked off so the lawn crew doesn’t mow it, for months.

i, jeff, of Orlando, Florida and married to Cheryl (of same address), and father to Chapin, also from same address, revoke all prior Wills and Codicils.

If i die before Cheryl, everything i own goes directly to her. No fuss, no questions asked. Period.

If i die after Cheryl, everything i own goes to Chapin. Same no fuss, no questions criteria as with Cheryl.

If i die after both of them, everything i own is divided amongst Chapin’s children. If Chapin has no children, then everything goes to ________.

If we all three die at the same time, then everything i own goes to ________.

i define “everything” as: our home, our cash, investments, pension, vehicles, my business assets, including all domain names, intellectual property, books, videos, articles, copyrights, trademarks, in a word, everything i own personally and professionally, including things not specifically mentioned in this Will.

Cheryl’s Will essentially says the same thing, so any jointly held assets, like our house (and bank accounts, investments, etc), her wish/directive is the same as mine.

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