Big Day (News At 11)

There's Joy In Life's Simple Pleasures
There's Joy In Life's Simple Pleasures

You know how it feels, right?

The day has finally arrived.

The BIG day that you’ve been waiting for.

A day that will change your life.

Today is such a day for my Family.

Expect a You Tube video here, later today.

What was your big day and why?

Editor’s Note: Here’s theĀ video, the one promised 16 hours ago.

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Outward Bound Lesson

Nature Is Our Best Teacher
Nature Is Our Best Teacher

Ever expect to learn something in class, but the lesson or insight is so powerful, it stays with you for the rest of your life?

Spring Break 1980, I think. Road trip. West Chester, Pennsylvania to Morgantown, North Carolina, for the North Carolina Outward Bound School.

Camping, hiking, climbing, repelling, orienteering, training, experiential learning, laughing, sweating, campfire cooking, no shower for a week at a time.

The (unexpected) big take away?

The only limitations we have are those we impose upon ourselves.