Drum Roll Please….

Your Goal Ought To Bring You To Tears
Your Goal Ought To Bring You To Tears

The answer to yesterday’s overlooked secret?

It’s, um, well, it’s Mr. Establishment.

Others call it Ms. Status Quo.

Ironically, we have become this person, and if we haven’t yet, then we report to her.

Everyone wants a breakthrough. But no one is prepared to.

It’s simply a very good time to blend in, to do what you’re told and follow orders.

Makes me want to throw up.

Maybe I just need another year or so of our son waking up (frequently), screaming uncontrollably, in unbearable pain. And a marathon round of tests revealing nothing.

Or maybe a heart attack.

Maybe then I’d remember why doing work that matters, matters.


Wow, the morning-sickness feeling is gone.

Regret that you tried and failed, or regret that you just didn’t try?

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