The Dog That Stole Jesus’ Sandal

One Final Walk on Feb. 13, 2010
One Final Walk on Feb. 13, 2010

Do you day dream?

I mean sometimes, do you day dream so big that it surprises you?

Yesterday, I had a daydream that our beloved Canine Son Carter, an 11-year old Yellow Lab stole one of Jesus’ sandals.

We laid Carter to rest yesterday morning, Valentine’s Day.

It was a glorious moment when the image of Carter meeting Jesus and licking Jesus’ face so much with affectionate kisses that Jesus finally had to laugh and say, “OK Carter, enough, that’s enough already.”

And Carter obeyed. But quickly grabbed one of Jesus’ sandals and began his favorite game – keep away.

Dream big today, no matter your circumstance. Try not to let any thing or any one deprive you of your most glorious day dream.