Happy present moment

Deep breath.



Happy present moment.


Not sure if anyone ever made ‘happy present moment’ a saying. i did years ago. To this day it is a ‘go to’, suitable every day, all day.

Many years ago at Golds Gym, and many “Happy New Year” salutations ago, i asked Fred Drew (long time Disney colleague) for help with a dilemma. Some Gym members, because of our busy schedules, hadn’t been in the gym when i am there, since ‘last year’. In February, i’m still wishing those people i hadn’t seen since ‘last year’ a Happy New Year. In February, it seemed weird. Shared the weirdness with Fred. And by the way, Fred asked, “Are you a Buddhist?” Our relatively brief, but consistent gym conversations gave him this impression. Interestingly enough, Fred suggested i say to the gym regulars i had’t seen since ‘last year’, Happy present moment.

It stuck.

It’s prefect.

Year round.

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