Episode 3 prep notes

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Cheryl sent me the link yesterday. i checked it out and registered. There’s a chance i may be a world-record holder. There’s a chance i’m not. Only one way to find out.

Episode 3 prep notes – If Disney Ran Your Life podcast with jeff noel…this post is for my brainstorm notes…enjoy the backstage peek.

First, for context, here are the first two episodes.

Episode 1 – Welcome, intro, who is jeff, what does he do, what can we expect? Sound quality was subpar from technical issues and i opted to use Air Pods to record so we wouldn’t jeopardize missing the launch on January 25, 2019. The editor lives on the other side of our planet and needs a minimum of two weeks lead time to finish.

Episode 2 – my episode-topic goal was continuous improvement and risk-taking…quickly, at Jody’s suggestion, we morphed that on the fly, to focus on using dates as part of your story…operationalize personal (and organizational) culture.

•  •  •  •  •

Ok, what follows is a stream of creative ideas for episode 3 which we record tomorrow (Jan 28):

  • Begin episodes with recap from last episode.
  • End each episode with what to expect on next episode.
  • Midway (or whatever time makes best sense) thru episode tell a 90-sec (or whatever time makes sense) Disney Story, tied to episode content, but unique, fascinating, unusual, etc
  •  Create a decently defined beginning, middle, and end
  • Add a conflict at the right moment (which could vary from episode to episode, and which could also be shared at the very beginning) in the episode and use a Disney Business insight
  • End with a 72-hour challenge to do something great with what they’ve heard
  • Have Jody ask me, “Is there anything from last week’s episode i want to clarify, add to, or build on?” (or the equivalent of something like this)
  • Reveal four(?) personal examples of how i applied the episode Disney insight into my personal life
  • Reiterate my need to adjust from talking to a business audience about Disney business insights to talking about the personal application…i still have the habit to talk organizationally when i really mean personally

•  •  •  •  •

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