Episode 2: If Disney Ran Your Life

If Disney Ran Your Life Podcast with jeff noel
If Disney Ran Your Life Podcast with jeff noel.

Episode 2: If Disney Ran Your Life.

Show notes from Jody Maberry.

Dates are important in your culture. Whether it is your family culture or your organizational culture. 

On January 25, 1982, I began my career with Disney. On January 25, 2019, I launched my podcast. 
If you can pick a date and tie it to something meaningful. You have a better chance of remembering it. 
During this episode, I will explain how Disney has used dates to build stories and celebrate new beginnings. 
We all have the same calendar, but you can use dates to .think .differently
To be the best is difficult. To be different is easy. But it requires intentionality and risk-taking. 
Make the calendar part of your story.
Year over year, you will be reminded of victories, defeats, accomplishments, and anniversaries as these dates become part of your story and culture.

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