Zombie, or just tired?

Totally zombie. Only two other times in my 50 years can I recall being this tired.

The first was driving a Washington State University professor’s pick up truck from Pullman to Seattle, twenty-five years ago.

The professor was relocating and driving his U-Haul moving truck.

We volunteered to drive his pick up, on one condition.  We could throw our two 18-speed Trek touring bicycles in the back.

My wife was a WSU Residence Hall Director for several years.

Upon returning from our cross-state bicycle Honeymoon, we’d have to load our 48 boxes of “stuff” on a shipping truck and then drive our green Mercury Monarch to Orlando.

Before our Honeymoon, we had to be completely packed and moved out of the Coman Hall apartment.  It took all night.

Then, we had a six-hour drive across Washington.  Let me tell you there were some terrific, wide-open spaces.

The kicker, Cheryl could not drive a stick shift at the time.  Otherwise we could have taken turns.

Cheryl loves to tell the story of me howling like a dog, and other assorted crazy things to stay awake.  It was torture. I could not stop.  The professor needed to be in Seattle.  If he only knew….

We made it.  Finally.  Got a great night’s sleep in our tent, and then started our bicycle trip through the San Juan Islands of the Puget Sound, before hitting the North Cascades Highway east, over the Cascade Mountain range, back to Pullman.

I was too poor to give my wife a traditional honeymoon.  So, one year after we were married, we took that cross-state bicycle honeymoon.

It was the best 17-day honeymoon money could buy.  Seriously.  Seventeen days of world-class honeymoon.

The other kicker, even back in 1984, that $200 wasn’t very much money.

Carpe diem, jeff noel 🙂

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