How many hours can you afford?

Disney podcaster Jeff Noel in the mountains
Jody and me sitting next to Swiftcurrent Glacier. It’s massive and we can literally reach over and touch it. From this perspective, you’d never in a million years know about the massive Glacier, unless you trusted me to be telling you the truth. Or you can ask Jody, he took this photo and that’s his microphone.

If you don’t presently have a legal-fee line item budget in your Homeowner’s Association (HOA) financial statement, what’s your plan if you get sued for an accident?

How many hours of legal counsel can you afford?

Said another way, make sure you have personal financial resources to weather an unexpected legal nightmare.

Remember, there’s a reason things are called accidents.

There’s a reason things are called liabilities.

Obvious solution?

Most likely.

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