How abundant or rare is this thing we crave?

School play "International Parade" (7th & 8th graders on stage)
School play “International Parade” (7th & 8th graders on stage)


How abundant or rare is this thing we crave?


We cherish it in others and long for it in ourselves.

Busy, busy schedules complicate our lives and challenge us to the point of no return. Tempted and discouraged, we no longer focus on being authentic – it takes too long and the process to reach genuine authenticity often comes under attack.

Our motives will be attacked also. And new people enter our life who have no previous experience with us.

Being authentic can appear to others as weakness, or a lack of ambition.

It’s tough being an adult, especially one organizing their life around becoming authentic or maintaining authenticity.

Authenticity. Rare. Hence valuable.

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