Been cancelling like crazy

Pixar UP toys on a rock trail
A dime would easily cover the heart. Tiny. Surrounded by billions of stones. Nearly seven miles of trail from Chalet to car. The odds of seeing this upside down in a fleeting moment is zero. And yet it happened. Photo: Aiming up where we are hiking away from.

Been cancelling like crazy.


Cancelling all June’s reservations: lodge, car, bike. Multiple iterations and combos – and redundancies – in case an unpredictable event closes portions of Glacier.


Because air fare is off the charts. For Cheryl and i to go bike Going-to-the-Sun Road is too much to justify.

The June trip dates to Glacier is driven by Sun Road opening. Sun Road opening is driven by snow plowing progress.

June airfare traditionally gets books a week in advance. That’s it. In a typical year, airfare never skyrockets. Right now, the July and August first-class airfare is less than an economy seat. And first-class is triple the norm.

The other two trips to Glacier are locked in months in advance and tickets purchased. If snow plowing had a guaranteed completion date, we’d have been able to lock and load our June arrival months ago.

Grateful for this first-world challenge. #PrayForUkraine

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