Signed A Five-Book Deal

You know I’ve been writing five different blogs everyday for a year now, right?

In fact today marks the one-year anniversary of the writing initiative to reinvent blogging and diversify social media.

It hasn’t gone unnoticed.

A small New England Publisher (and a values-based organization) and I have been in publishing negotiations for several months now, shortly after returning from the World Championships in Finland.

Yesterday, we finally reached an agreement and we signed the contract!

A book a year for the next five years!

Can you believe it.  Five books.  I have worked all my life for this moment.

Wanted to wait until this morning to tell my Family, and you.

Blood, Sweat And Tears Has Paid Off
Blood, Sweat And Tears Has Paid Off

Oh, and there’s one more thing you should know:

April Fools!

Note: This was the April Fools Day post I had put up April 1, 2010, and almost immediately took it down.  Had some feedback that it wasn’t that funny. After reading it again this morning, decided it really is post-worthy. Hope it made you smile.

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