Rules exist to solve recurring, common issues

Sheraton Hotel quiet hours poster
This is a common courtesy. 

Rules exist to set expectations for living within a fair and equitable community. 

Your home – which sometimes is a hotel room – is your sanctuary. It is literally the only place that makes sense for you to do as you please. 

The caveat, your behavior should never interfere with your neighbors sanctuary.  

Want to make late night hotel noise? Stay in the bar or the banquet room until it’s out of your system. 

Drunkenness is rude when you inflict it on sober people. 

Ps. As an alcoholic from 1973 to 2001, i can intelligently and expertly comment on this. 

Pss. Technically still an alcoholic, now going on 48 years. But on December 31, 2001, i stopped ingesting alcohol.

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