GNP Day 57, home

16-second video: It’s like this everywhere. Profuse color.
Apple Watch in front of trail head sign
A casual hike. Saw 10 people over 10 miles and five hours on the trail.
Mountains and lake
Stopped on the way back to cabin after our 10-miler.
Post office website operating hours
Two boxes of stuff mailed home today. Babb is 10 minutes away. The closest UPS Store is two+ hours away. And two+ hours back. Babb is the smallest town i’ve ever seen. But they have a Post Office.

GoDaddy malfunctions.

In the days leading up to the first call and $5,000 Hosting plan renewal and subsequent upgrade, i was thrown off center.

Unable to add photos and videos to the five daily blog posts. The temporary solution is one i’ve used before. In the absence of wifi, i simply use Apple’s iPhone Notes App. Upon return to Orlando and solid wifi, the long and time-consuming process to transfer everything to WordPress admin….photo of text exchange before today’s hike…

Text thread
6:29 AM
Text thread
6:47 AM

Still getting emails that backups are failing. Even after repeated GoDaddy assurances everything is fine…

6:03 AM

It is not lost on me that anyone in Ukraine would gladly trade places with me and my first-world ’problems’.

Note: Today Putin had an official declaration and celebration of claiming four Ukrainian regions as Russian territory.

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