In One Weekend, The Blog Whisperer Wrote 150 Posts, This Is 149

Mid Life Celebration’s story board…and miles to go before I sleep…

In one long weekend, The Blog Whisperer put a process in place to create space to complete Mid Life Celebration’s big project – the first of many best-selling books. It’s Memorial Day (2011) morning and this is post 149 of 150.

Five daily blogs multiplied by 30 days = 150 posts.

I don’t expect anyone to care. But I do expect you to think, smile or be grateful.

I wake up every single morning, no matter where in the world I am – for 26 straight months – not having a clue what to write, but sitting down and beginning the writing…. Mind, Body, Spirit, Money & HQ.

Thank you for being here as the 27th month concludes.

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