First Disney Keynote Speech walking from home

Disney keynote speaker with audience member
Robert is a cyclist, a member of the Young President’s Organization, a birthday boy (in this photo), and, a Disney Keynote Speech prop. He played the role of “Goofy-Hat Dad”.

Let’s review the Disney Keynote Speaking firsts from yesterday:

  1. Walked from home to Disney Convention Center, to speak.
  2. First Disney speech in 2,000 delivered without slides.
  3. First time using conference A/V staff to role-play a story.
  4. First Disney Keynote delivery in jean shorts.
  5. First time in Walt Disney World’s 50-year history a Disney conference speaker walked from their house to speak at Disney.
  6. Bonus first: first time in 22 years with a 16-month public-speaking gap.

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