Becoming a category of one gets you to the starting line

Spin bicycle rentals
Ride for a dollar – you get 30 minutes. Ride for two hours for 4 bucks.
Spin bicycle rentals
Spin (i hope) has a vision to become the Uber/Lyft of bicycle transportation.

The odds of any of us becoming a category of one is slim to none.

So if you have the personal wherewithal to actually do it, congratulations.

Becoming a category of one gets you to the starting line.

Staying a category of one requires that you become even hungrier than you were when you did what got you here.

That’s the “bad” (challenging) news.

The “great” (challenging) news is that you can be so incredibly creative that staying a category of one is how you continuously outdistance your competition.

Think fast.

Think often.

.think .differently

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