Days are long and years fly by

Uber map
Yesterday morning in KY, heading to Orlando.


Southwest Airlines
Departure at 10:30am.


Southwest Airlines
Southwest Airlines Customer Appreciation Day, September 20, 2017 (yesterday).


Southwest Airlines Customer Appreciation
Southwest Airlines Customer Appreciation table of goodies.


Highline Trail.
Wondering if the trails (Hidden lake and Highline) will be free of snow next week.


IOS 11
IOS 11 came out yesterday.


GNP webcam
Heading to Logan Pass in one week. Visitor Center (roof at bottom) is open until September 30.


Up at 5:00am like normal.

Write for a couple hours.

Breakfast (randomly, and serendipitously, this time with a few clients) in the hotel lobby.

Catch Uber to airport.

Stop at gym on way home from Orlando airport.

Pick up son after swim practice.

Frozen pizza in oven.


Start watching recording of America’s Got Talent final show (before live results come on at 8pm).

Hear the news from Cheryl that Dad’s Nursing Home is recommending Hospice for Dad.

Go to bed remembering what i wrote in Mid Life Celebration: rethink • reprioritize • recommit

The three most magnificent days in our life are the day we are born, the day we figure out why, and the day we die.

Praying Dad sees it the same way.

Dad is 91.

He’s ready.

And i believe he’s been praying for his third most magnificent day.

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