Day To Day Grind

We Are All The Same
We Are All The Same

Day to day stuff. The miscellaneous, but critically important details we need to attend to day in and day out. If we don’t, we get behind, and eventually, we may get buried by our workload.

I know this well. Can’t recall the last time I had nothing to do. Every day, there’s a dull, but heavy pressure to do all the stuff that needs doing. It never ends. It never should end.

Today, in addition to the usual prayer requests, I’d like to add anyone dealing with a particularly heavy, and horrible situation today. There are many of you fitting this description. In particular today, however, I’m responding to an email that came through late last night.

Pray for Peace in her Soul, Joy in her Spirit, and Love in her Heart. And not only for her, but also for her entire Family. Transport to deeper message.

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