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A Truckload Of Thanks
A Truckload Of Thanks

How does your day start? Do you have routines? Are they working well for you, just okay, or are they a disaster?

Routines can set you free, and they can also poison you. Figuring out how to live well is your responsibility, and there is no one right way.

Hard work and tough decisions. One of the many challenges that being alive brings as a prerequisite. We can never give up.

Here’s the catch though, figuring this out and living well, based on intuitively good morale principals, leads us to a better place than if we don’t make tough decisions.

For well over a year, I’ve been writing five daily blogs. ¬†Website traffic has steadily increased, with occasional spikes. But this past week has been confusing. The spike has been significantly higher. It reminds me that it takes a long time to become an overnight success.

And that if you’re not careful, it will arrive before you are ready.

By jeff noel

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