Happiest Of New Year’s To You And Best Wishes For 2012!

New Year's Eve 2011, at The Fresh Market.

Happy New Year. A late start to the daily blogging here at Mid Life Celebration. The final look at the clock last night, it was 11:51pm. Fell asleep just before the apple dropped at Times Square.

Um, yes, I do know it’s April Fool’s Day 2012 as you read this. And um, you do know it’s January 1, 2012 (90 days ago) as I type this post. Right?

Life is an experiment. You are experimenting this year aren’t you? Please tell me the dreams you are thinking today (Jan. 1) are still alive today (Apr. 1).

PS. That last sentence was weird to write. This is going to be an interesting January (or April). I’m already a little confused how this will work out.

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