You know what?

lodging room inventory chart
Dark pink means no vacancy. Light pink means vacancy. The last four nights of this season are now available courtesy of you know who. Took a hit financially from the 50% deposit loss cancellation policy. It’s a fair policy which i graciously accept.
13-second video: Noah Lyles just pulled off a rare 100/200 double Gold medal performance at the 2023 Track & Field World Championships in Budapest. His vision is to break Usain Bolt’s 19.19 200 world record.

Everything is a blessing when you employ a growth mindset.


You know what?

So grateful to have prioritized priorities.

Had to cancel a four-night Sperry Chalet reservation this morning.

(a blessing on so many levels)

Cheryl and i are tickled at the ‘tradition’ we started three years ago.

(another blessing on so many levels)

We got lucky and were able to spend the final three nights at Sperry in 2021. Last year, 2022, we went big and spent the final four night at Sperry.

(ditto on the blessing thing)

Missing our new ‘tradition in 2023’ will take psychological pressure off me to try and balance timing of a trip with my body’s natural timetable for healing.

(another blessing on so many levels)

Ps. Able to gift (i’m well past any refund window) tomorrow’s two-night Granite Park Chalet to a GNP reservation agent. Offered it to several people, based on ‘seniority’ of me knowing them. Taylor, the GNP Reservation agent, is someone i’ve never met. However, his leader, who i invited, is unable to go and she recommended Taylor who’s had it on his bucket list the past two Summers.

(double-ditto on the blessing thing)


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