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man climbing a mountain
You slip and you’re done. Photo: Steve Wahlberg.
two men climbing a mountain
You fall and you’re done. Photo: Stacy Wahlberg.

i hope to die smiling.


Put your health before work or put work before health?

No brainer, eh?

Or is it?

An overwhelming number of executives forgo their health (moving, sleeping, nutrition) because their ‘work’ time/availability is so incredibly demanded.

Immediately after scheduling next week’s third followup eye exam before leaving the office, i walked to the car and called an executive coaching client.

i was late for work and had texted the CEO with a heads up at 8:45AM.

In a perfect world, today’s 8:20AM appointment would be finished by 9:00AM. And after all, arriving at 7:40AM (40 mins early) should easily facilitate all the office paperwork so that i can be ready in the exam room early.

i was 15 minutes late for the call.


Was intentionally prepared, by design, to do the call in the car, in the parking lot. Why? To be on time for our standing 9:00AM call.

Backstage in “jeff-Land” is like backstage literally everywhere – interesting, surprising, and decently straightforward.

Here is the list of the weekly call’s prepared questions.

Love getting inspiring texts from you. Do you know why?

Take me on a tour of your organization 5 yrs from now?

Why do companies (why does your company) struggle with recognition?

Why do companies (and your company) struggle with attracting the best talent?

Why do CEO’s get frustrated?

How do they fix it?

How important are work relationships?

Where are relationships better…hurried or not so hurried?

Slowing down to speed up example…10 reps…

What if instead of me identifying the reps, you told me the reps….or, we each did 5?

Or…you did three and I do 1 (or 2).

Would you want to report to yourself? Why?

Note: Sharing the questions as a blogging state-change, an unexpected backstage peek.

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