Organized risk taking

Feeling vibrant. Looking North towards Canada from Swiftcurrent Mountain.

Organized risk taking.

Old habits, ingrained early, create a lifetime of choices that are made mostly, if not always, on autopilot.

Old habits that aren’t improved, discarded, or completely reinvented, will lead to a lifetime of subpar decisions, with subpar outcomes.

For personal vibrancy.

For organizational vibrancy.

We can become chronically tired from the drain of the time, energy, money, and resolve required to do what we know we should do, but we don’t, instead we take the easiest and safest route.

We know we can do better, and whisper to ourself that tomorrow we will.

This too becomes a habit we are too tired to change.

And then, like Walt Disney, we find our journey over when we really wanted to forge ahead with renewed vigor, starting ideally, tomorrow.

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