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Yesterday from Twitter. Spent 15 years here full-time (hand-picked by Disney Institute) teaching Fortune 500 companies how Disney creates great leaders, engaging cultures, wowed-Guests, loyal fans, and innovative ideas.

Open source Speakers Bureau.

What’s that?

It’s similar to this WordPress platform that is open source – where anyone can enhance the code – it’s open to anyone, anywhere, anytime.

Anyone, anywhere, anytime can book a speaking engagement for Disney Customer Service Keynote Speaker jeff noel.

The traditional model revolves around doing the selling yourself (DIY) or engaging a Speakers Bureau (who get 20% commission).

In a Speakers Bureau’s defense, they do all the work, and have an industry-wide reputation; they deserve every penny you pay them. Using a Speakers Bureau, all i do besides deliver a world-class speech, is answer these questions:

  1. Are you available on this date?
  2. Can you speak about this topic for this group?
  3. Can you speak for this amount of money in this location?

Three questions.

Yes or no.

When it’s three yeses, i don’t have to worry about any other logistics.

If you bring me a speaking opportunity in an open source environment, i will pay you a generous commission.

It won’t be 20% to start, but imaging making hundreds of dollars just by making an introduction.

Your introduction must come from a place of personal experience/knowledge of what you’ve seen or heard me do.

If i turn your introduction into a paid speaking engagement, you receive hundreds of dollars.

Now imagine an ongoing relationship where we both grow together and the our interaction increases – so will referral fees for you.

Obviously, it would require something special for you to receive 20%, but nothing is impossible.

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