Lt Gen’s Son Died Yesterday


Thank You 2nd Lt, How Do We Ever Repay You?
Thank You 2nd Lt, How Do We Ever Repay You?

Trusting you know Skip Gaskill by now. But not trusting you follow all the blog comments here, I’m reposting Skip’s comment from yesterday as today’s message:

“Jeff, believe it or not we prefer not to have to go to war.

Yesterday was the Marine Corps’ 235th birthday.  Jamie and I will attend the Commandant’s Birthday Ball in DC Saturday night.  This will be my 31st Ball.  This was also mine and Jamie’s first date in 1979.  Can you believe how fast it has gone?

This week Marines around the world (including the farthest reaches of Afghanistan) will share a birthday cake.  The oldest Marine present gets the first bite and then he passes it to the youngest Marine present.  This symbolizes passing on the knowledge and traditions of the Corps.  It is also a day where we reflect on and honor those who are no longer with us.

Yesterday a friend of mine (LtGen in the Corps) found out his son (2nd Lt) was killed in Afghanistan while leading his Marines against the Taliban.

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