Have fun today

How often do we simply look up and gaze at what we see? Not very. Why? Because we have too much to do, and it’s right in front of us.

Have fun today.

Looks good on paper.

Personal organization facilitates the number of things you have to worry be concerned about.

When too much of our time is spent fighting proverbial fires, we do not have the presence to enjoy what we get to do.

Being mired in have-to-do stuff becomes an insidious habit that slowly extinguishes our natural ability to be grateful, joyful, and content – those are the key drivers for happiness.

Happiness is a result from developing less glamorous habits – habits like focus, discipline, authenticity, and constant gratitude.

Pleasure from being distracted, medicated, and entertained is not happiness. Society has packaged it that way, but you are smarter than that.

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