Guessing i don’t owe you anything

quick books note
Slate is clear. It’s a new year to do what feels right and good.

The 2018 creative endeavor is done.

The goal: do something i’ve never done before. No expectation from anyone to react to my new behavior. None. You can never try something new if you aren’t willing to live with the consequences.

It sheds light and illuminates life with richer clarity than before.


  • my personal Facebook account with only blood relatives and a handful of HS & College (40+ years relationships) friends
  • with texts
  • with emails
  • with phone calls

i didn’t initiate.

For a year.

The big reveal?

This was ok.


No one noticed.

No Facebook inquiries, no texts, no emails, no phone calls.

Turns out, what i felt guilty about, i didn’t need to feel guilty about.

Such a delightful surprise.

If the phone doesn’t ring, it’s me.

i hear you loud and clear too.

Glad this is okay on both sides.

All that worrying for nothing.



Update (today, March 2): it’s now been 14 months, not 12.

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