Orlando, jeff noel, jungle jeff, Mid-Life Crisis, Lane 8

Orlando, jeff noel, jungle jeff, Mid-Life Crisis, Lane 8.

Even You Tube, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, My Space, Blogging, Social Networking, Websites, Apple, Microsoft, iPod, iPhone, ATT, Verizon, Toshiba, Laptop, Best Buy, HP, Mickey Mouse, Pixar, Steve Jobs, Barack Obama, Windows, Mac.

And even USA, ESPN, ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX, WB, Florida, Cancer, NASA, Los Angeles, NBA, NHL, DNA, SEO, CEO, COO, C-Level, C-Suite, Money, Wall Street, Napster, BING, Fast Company, CNN, Olympics, Michael Phelps, Tiger Woods, Bono, Beyonce,  Lee Cockerell.

What do these key words, and search engine optimization have in common?

They are great Google, Yahoo, MSN search engine words.

Really?   Yes.

So what does this mean to me and you?   Everything.

Here’s a timely, mostly because it’s funny, video on Googling yourself:

We can all use a laugh. Everyday. Even all day. How could that a bad thing?

And the reality is, if you or your business don’t show up on Google, Yahoo or MSN, you’re sunk.

And that ain’t very funny.

Hard work is the name of the game.   Carpe diem, jeff noel 🙂

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