The Ones We Miss

School Musical
School Musical

Last night on the phone call from my Hartford, Connecticut Marriott Hotel room, Cheryl and Chapin recounted the day they had.  The one I missed.

It was a milestone day for Chapin. He played the lead part in a musical production at his school.  He even surprised Cheryl with his confidence “onstage”.

I was not surprised to hear the news.  Sure, it was sad to not be there, but when I think about our United States Military Men and Women, defending our Country’s freedom in remote places far away, I quickly got over any guilty feelings.

Why wasn’t I surprised?  Because I am Chapin’s teacher.  As a professional speaker, author, blogger and entrepreneur, I’ve come to know the universal law of success.  Nothing succeeds like success.

It was like when Walt Disney World Resort opened in 1971.  People where sad that Walt Disney didn’t get to see the “opening day”.  It was the one Walt Disney missed.

On the contrary, Walt Disney “saw” it so vividly before he died in 1966.  That’s the only reason his older brother Roy O. Disney didn’t sell those 27,443 acres of cheap, alligator, snake, and mosquito infested swampland.

Time marches on and so do the ones we miss.

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