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A Very Important Message
A Very Important Message

Ever heard the phrase, “Don’t die with a book in you”?

Have you ever dreamt of writing a book?

It’s way more work than people think.  And yet, it’s way less work than people think. A paradox that only someone who’s done it can know.

Found a LinkedIn connection, Susan Harrow, who blogs about these types of things too. Wanted to share her perspective with you.

Click here to read Susan Harrow’s article, “Write a Book Fast and Earn Big Money in the Process”. It’s a bit on the salesy-side, but offers a perspective different from mine.

PS.  Do you still remember the important message from the top?

(Don’t die with a book in you)

One more thing, if you’ve never written a book before, and think you can in 90 days and make a ton of money, God Bless you.  Odds are, you will never get started, and if you do get started, you’ll never finish.

This is simply the way life works. If you disagree with this, please feel free to send a copy of your first book by May 1, 2010, and then I’ll confess to being a liar.  Deal?

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