What Derails Our Confidence?

Find A Cure?

What derails our confidence?


Then, perhaps we should watch this You Tube video for our hourly dose of inspiration.

Before you decide to not click the video, let me simply ask you, right now, are you inspired to start your day? Are you 100% confident in your ability to be remarkable and indispensable?

I get nothing if you click through and watch it. Well, almost nothing.  I get the peace of knowing that I tried my best to help you this morning.

If you click here, you’ll see a common man, working for the phone company, who has every reason to back down from his destiny.

But he didn’t.  And neither should we.

Will be back again tomorrow for another shot at helping you with your daily dose of “don’t settle”.

PS.  The clip has 63 million views so far.

By jeff noel

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