Funny How Things Work Out

Mom, Dad, Two Brothers
Mom, Dad, Two Brothers

Last night I mentioned to our son (9) that earlier in the day I had been thinking about Carter and almost cried.

Thirty-eight days ago, we laid our canine son to rest.

We all have those moments when we think about loved ones who’ve passed on and sometimes we maintain our composure, sometimes we simply smile, and sometimes we almost loose control.

And just before we went to bed, as I was doing a final email cleanup, there was an email from a college buddy.  The Dog he mentions below was Luther (1986-1998), our first Lab. Here’s an excerpt.

“I’m happy that you and Cheryl were blessed with a son. The last time we visited you was prior to your son being born; I knew you would be a great dad. It might sound funny but I noticed how much you and Cheryl loved your dog and treated him like a member of the family I even said to Patty, they’ll make great parents someday, I’m glad your prayers were answered. He’s a lucky little boy.”

It’s amazing how coincidence can illuminate the simple blessings we enjoy every day.

But in today’s tough economy, we can easily forget.

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