Just the photo please

Just the photo please.

Six tips (in above photo).



Literally going against the proverbial current with everything i’m gonna say on Mike Simmons’ podcast in two hours.

  1. What is mindset? Our habitual attitude.
  2. What are common mistakes we make about mindset? Not being intentional about our sources/influences. Not being present nor motivated enough to improve. (Season 4 unpacks this)
  3. Why do we make these mistakes? Entertained, distracted and medicated. Herd mentality – if everyone is this way, it must be ok.
  4. How can we avoid these mistakes? Establish a clear, concise, and compelling goal that can only be achieved by dramatically raising your standards. A goal so compelling that trumps “Why am i doing all this hard work?” Because your attitude is worth defending.
  5. How does this change in the context of remote work from home? It doesn’t. Period. Of course there’s change, but change is nothing new – it’s the constant fabric of life.
  6. How does this change in Team context? Biggest addition is becoming a teacher not just through your example, but through intentional efforts to teach using VIP model.
  7. How does this change in Customer context? Now is not the time to start fawning and communicating like crazy with your customers. The time to do that was everyday before Covid-19.
  8. How does this change in Self context? Nothing changes, except this…you automatically gave yourself a grade for how prepared you are right now. You should be getting an A. If Disney Ran Your Life, operating below excellent levels would not be acceptable.
  9. Resources: Podcast, TED Talk, MLC book, LI content, Twitter.

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