All in a day’s work (and then some)

pool pump repair
New pool pump motor doesn’t leak. Not one drop. Perfect.


home improvement list
i could tell Mike and hope we both remember (not a complicated or long list), or i could use Apple’s Notes app (cloud-based from any device) and print or send a copy.


high tech gloves
Planning for Summer Glacier National Park trips. Even in August, the morning temps are in the 40’s. These gloves do not need to be removed to use your iPhone (we take lots of photos).


Arlo security cameras resolution
The smallest things, like a security camera with a glitch, can take an hour or more to resolve. Agent gave me a broken link (try it) and then told me to try the link again in Google Chrome. i only use Apple’s Safari. Why would anyone have to switch browsers to get something to work? Kenn later apologized. Click to easily see it’s broken. This is the link he eventually gave me. By the way, the chat feature was impossible to find on the homepage, which is why i asked for the direct link.


All in a day’s work (and then some).

This is why being decently organized is critical for personal vibrancy.

Life is hard.

Being poorly organized makes it even harder.

i know this from decades of personal experience.


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