You need to be organized to be a great role model

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(photo: everyone is busy… it’s not a a valid excuse for the big picture things)

For many years now, there have been three prioritized needs in each leader-to-subordinate relationship:

  1. Trust – honesty is the most important part of any relationship. Period.
  2. Respect –┬árespect that we do not think alike and have different approaches to accomplish the same big picture.
  3. Development – you do not need to lift a finger to develop your subordinates, but know they love it. And don’t complain if they are assertive in pursuing it in the absence of your help.

Ironically, this is a two way street.

Nothing else matters if number one isn’t achieved.

At work, it’s absolutely a parent/child relationship.

Leaders, you own going first and leading the way. Period.

Just like being a parent.

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