Recorded two If Disney Ran Your Life podcast episodes yesterday with Jody Maberry. We wrapped up Season 3, which is technically Season one since the first two seasons were practice.

Misinterpreting is easy.

No experience required.

Yesterday when i said:

At some point in time, when we least expect it, we will wake up surrounded by stuff that not only doesn’t serve us, but holds us back and drags us down.

i am not judging others who collect and possibly even hoard stuff.

Sounded like it, i know, but it’s not judging.

Here’s what it is.

People are free to do what they please. i embrace this inalienable right to have freedom of choice.

Freedom to choose is beautiful and i am certain that i can no longer live with lots of stuff that doesn’t make me feel free.

This strong belief has nothing to do with other people’s habits and has everything to do with mine.

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