I Am Aggressively Unfancy

Honeymoon On Bikes
Honeymoon On Bikes

Do you know who you are?  Do your loved ones know?  Could they describe you the way you hope?

Aggressively Unfancy.

Working for a Fortune 100 company in Central Florida for 27 years, I’ve grown accustomed to wearing suits, ties and shiny shoes.

When not at work, cut-off jeans, no shirt, no shoes is more of my style.

Jimmy Buffett or Z88.3 playing in the background.

My car is 21 years old, while those around my community drive new, upscale vehicles.

Our Honeymoon cost less than $200, for 2.5 weeks.

I color my hair, slowly. Gray.

I do a lot of other important things that nobody sees. Like starting each day on my knees.

Or pausing to pray every time we hear a siren.

While others read good books, I’m busy writing them.

I am inspired to be a Husband and a Father, and, um, one more thing – I’m aggressively unfancy.

By jeff noel

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