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Rock Solid Beliefs About Blogging
Rock Solid Beliefs About Blogging

The tough economy will eventually get better. And life goes on, in spite of hardships.  Social Media has overtaken pornography as the number one Internet activity.  The 80-million blogs out there take up a huge Internet space. And blogging is the most effective and absolutely least expensive way to increase Search Engine Visibility.

Last week a friend made a comment about a locally famous person who blogs, insinuating that few people actually read his blog.  His comment struck me in an unusual way. He thought comments left on blogs were an indicator of readership.

I shared that I enthusiastically read Seth Godin’s blog every single day (RSS feed), and that I’ve never posted a comment. Ever.  I’ve emailed Seth a few times, and he responds within hours, amazingly.

People barely have time to read blogs, let alone respond with comments, which in many cases require signing into a comment screen (no thanks).

And it reminded me of the monthly rise in readership that has led to a 1,000% increase in one year.

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