Here’s why we fail

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(photo: The road to heck is paved with good intentions.)

Here’s why we fail.

We tell people what we’re gonna do and our brain sends endorphins out, making us feel good about our bold plan to change or create.

We like this.

In fact, we dig the way we feel from these bold proclamations.

And then we fail.

We fail because talk is cheap.

Please don’t tell us what you’re going to do.

Tell us after you’ve done it.

Not a minute before.


Because you can’t say you did something if you haven’t.

But anyone can make a great claim to change.

So predictable.

And boring, and tiring, and well, you know.

Try it next time you want to kick your butt about that big thing you’ve always wanted to do.

And watch how it changes you.

PS. Congratulations in advance.

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