Help those less fortunate

Affluence at $143 per day, per person, simply to enter. Affluence doesn’t buy peace, contentment, nor respect.

Please note this update: Today’s five posts were written months ago. Remember, these blogs are a trail for our son…for him to hear and experience through my words what life blesses us with and how we honor those blessings. God has blessed me with a new, enlightened perspective. What you read today (written months ago) is not where i am now. Where i am now will delight and surprise you. It did me. Now, back to original, in-that-moment commentary…

Help those less fortunate.

i’m two streets over and the noise disturbs our peace.

Noise gets louder the closer you get to the Church property.

To be a neighbor whose back yard, back porch, living room, kitchen, dining room, master bedroom and or children’s bedrooms face the Church, the unwelcomed noise pollution is unacceptable.

Note: The Church’s success is in the community’s best interests. Personally, i’d love for this Church to be my family’s Church. To be able to walk over any time, seven days a week. It will be amazing to see this Church be a hyper-local beacon of Faith, Hope, and Love. It is(?) or will be(?) the Church’s honor and duty (just as it is every citizen’s honor and duty) to be a peaceful neighbor. Everyday, all day.

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