Entrepreneurial effort doesn’t require genius, it requires desire, intentionality, and experimentation.

Two Florida Sand Hill Cranes in front yard
The American Flag (upper right) hangs in his Internet Avatar photo


There’s an intentional point to this post – to think differently…

Snapped a dozen random iPhone photos yesterday while pulling into the driveway. This picture was chosen as the best one of these two Sand Hill Cranes. It’s fun to be surprised by nature when you least expect it.

This morning was the first time noticing the American Flag in the upper right. And here’s the thing…

For the July 4th holiday in 2001, Cheryl hung an American flag on the longstanding flag post (used for years to celebrate different seasons).

Two months later 9/11 happened.

The American flag has hung there ever since.

Since 2001 we’ve retired a worn out flag twice.

All of that to tell you this… my Internet Avatar photo has an American flag in the back ground.

It’s from that spot.

And it was also random – to capture the first paid haircut in 30 years (in 2009) – in an effort to have something to show the person conducting the second paid haircut in 30 years.

Entrepreneurial effort doesn’t require genius, it requires desire, intentionality, and experimentation.

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