Your greatest gift

Married Couple in mountains
Continental Divide.
Married Couple in mountains
Hidden Lake and Bear Hat mountain.
Married Couple in mountains
St Mary Lake. Iconic Wild Goose Island is out of sight.
Married Couple in mountains
Wild Goose Island. Our last day on the East side before 2019’s 4-foot September “Snowmagedden”.
Married Couple at junior high school
When weather keeps you out of the mountains, drive someplace new, like Cardston, Alberta, Canada.
Woman sitting in rock in mountains
Grinnell Glacier trail is one of Glacier’s most popular. When you hike it in late September, almost deserted, you soak in the beauty as if you are the only ones on the trail.

To travel life’s paths with someone you trust and who trusts you – this is wealth.


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