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Most of my passwords are 50 characters unless there’s a specific limit for a website/app.

Lee Cockerell told Jody Maberry to call me because Lee thought i could use a podcast. Jody and i quickly became friends, but it was 3.5 years before i broke down and agreed to launch a podcast. i didn’t want a podcast because “everyone has a podcast” – so formulaic. Fingernails across a chalkboard.

It was Lee’s son, Dan, who on his podcast, said balance is not possible that was the catalyst for me starting If Disney Ran Your Life. Needed an impossible goal (balance IS possible) to be the inspiration to approach podcasting differently.

Season 7/Work starts November 27. On Nov 28, 6pm, Season 6/Spirit goes in the vault.

Balance is not a myth. Personal vibrancy is the interconnectedness between mind, body, spirit, work, home.

Finally, Lee and Dan have incredible podcasts and i give their podcasts my highest recommendation.

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