Only preach what you practice

AAU HQ at Walt Disney World
AAU HQ at Walt Disney World used to be the WDW preview center in 1970-71. i worked there in 1987 when it was The Disney Village Resort reception center.


Walt Disney World Preview Center
Walt Disney World Preview Center.


Don’t let what you can’t do stop you from what you can.

He was homeless, but i didn’t know it initially.

i offered my water bottle, insisting he stay hydrated.

i called his sister’s shop, but was unable to leave a message.

i gave him directions to the closest medical facility.

i was on my bicycle.

He told me he woke up in a creek, and that he had been with the wrong people the night before. Two worn sneakers, not even sure they were the same pair. One was missing the heel and had white nursing tape holding the toe end together.

He was crying.

He regained his composure, took a sip of water and thanked me.

Ps. i told him he had at least an hour walk to Centra Care and if he needed to talk to someone, he might give Jesus a try. Not Jesus the Messiah, but Jesus, the man who walked the Earth.




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